Shown on this page are the Tavernas founder members and staff for 2011. . The Bar pictured above added in recent years. The man who started it all the founder of “Taverna Haravgi” Manos now retired and has little to do with the running of the restaurant still plays a big part in running his Garden allotments which locally produce a lot of the Restaurants fresh food such as Water & Honey melons, cucumbers, oranges and lemons plus other items. Monos Piza, Manos’s wife and former driving force of the Restaurant. Piza the former ownership partnership with Manos still keeps her hand in with the restaurant even to this date as for many traditional Greek family businesses. When very busy or functions, religous festivals or other celebrations take place Piza is on hand to help out. . Piza Taverna Haravgi. Irene - The Head Chef & present owner of ‘Taverna Haravgi’.Restaurant. Irene is now the driving force behind the family business she is also the head chef who’s cullinery skills are endless. She always produces dishes to the highest of quality standards. Even local Samians travel far and wide to eat at the Taverna based at Kerveli.   . Irene Kerveli Bay as viewed from the Taverna.. Themis - The Taverna Haravgi ‘Head Waiter’. Themis who originates from Georgia and has been employed at the Taverna for a few years now. He is a hard working pleasant man who speaks his native tongue plus very good Greek and some English and German. Themis plays a big part in the integral workings of the Taverna. There is a second waiter for the 2011 season (No details). . Themis Yacht in Kerveli Bay 2011. Despina - The Kitchen Assistant at the ‘Taverna Haravgi’.Restaurant. Despina who is like a little Trojan in the Kitchen, she helps with the cooking, food preperation and general kitchen maintainance. Also a team player who with her great contribution maintains the smooth running of the restaurant.  . Despina The sons Thomas & Manolis - (Maybe the future of Taverna Haravgi) The two of Irene’s sons the elder being Thomas and his younger brother Manolis. Both of the boys are capable of helping out as necessary whan big functions take place. Or as necessary when the restaurant / taverna is very busy. . Thomas & Manolis Taverna Haravgi 2011.