Taverna Haravgi concentrates on maintaining a modest amount of dishes on it’s menu, but we therefore guarentee you that we provide one of the most traditional set of dishes served at the highest of quality second to none in Samos.  Pictured above is our Haravgi Fish Mix. A platte full of various types of local fish including, fish fillets, mussells,fried squid, shrimps and a delicious tuna fish paste. All in all a Fish festival to satisfy anyones appitite. Fish Mix Platte. Gyros Metaxa Beef in Lemon Sauce Another of our Greek traditional dishes is our delightful Gyros Metaxa. An earthenware bowl containing Gyros meat marinaded in a rich Metaxa sauce covered with cheese and baked in the oven. Warning served very hot indeed (Do not touch the bowl). Another well loved Greek traditional dish on our menu is Beef in Lemon sauce. Ingredients are Potatoes and tender ,lean pieces of beef cooked in a locally produced lemon sauce covered with grated cheese and served very hot in an earthenware bowl. The Freindly Family Restaurant at Kerveli Bay - Samos - Greece. Taverna Haravgi.